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Will suboxone show up in your drug test for probation? If so what will it show up as opiods?

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23 Aug 2010

Only if this test checks specifically for bupenorphine will it show positive. Most court systems and probations do NOT check for it, however I guess as word gets out about the fact that it only shows as bupenorphine, they may order the tests to check for it. Can you ask an attorney if they know if they have tests that check for bupenophine? That would be your best bet.

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babs420 24 Aug 2010

Thanks so much for the imput I took a 12 panel drug test today a home test of course & it tested positive for oxy and benzo's which I did on saturday night so with me only being 107 pounds & drinking tons of water I would have thought it would be out b/c I dont have alot of fat to store the drugs. I took a peice of suboxone today so i wouldnt hurt and I am scared b/c it has such little opiod it may be showing up as oxy. I dont have insurance to get suboxone but I would love to have it bc it is a life saver! It would get me clean and back to my normal self in which I wish that day would come sooner than later! But thanks again and if you find out anything different please let me know. Any help is better than none!

Anonymous 26 Aug 2010

Hey, if you do decide to get on it, when you go to the suboxone home page and find the doctor locator, write down ALL the doctor's numbers and call all of them listed for your area. There is usually an induction fee, office visit fee and sometimes other requirements and these vary from doctor to doctor. I didn't know that. My friend found one with NO induction fee and the visit is a flat $260. My doc charges $150 per visit, but, gives me enough to last several months. His induction fee is not $250, down from $1,000. He listened to me when I told him most of the people who need suboxone don't have $1,000 lying around. You may be eligible for your state to pay for it, or there may be services in your area that will help you with the costs, depends on which state you are in. Just food for thought. It is about $8 per pill where I live, but, CVS graciously has filled partial refills for me for as little as 2 pills at the time. I hope that things get better for you.

23 Aug 2010

No it wont its a synthetic opiate. it wont show up as an opiate on a standered drug test. although it is in the urine but they need a specific test for it. You should be cool i think. I know from experence.

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