Will oxycodone and msir show up the same in urine test?

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22 Oct 2011

Hey milkman,

Oxycodone will show up as an opiate in a urine test. Not sure what msir is referring to. Could you spell it out for us?


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milkman76 22 Oct 2011

MSIR is morphine sulfate instant release

LaurieShay 22 Oct 2011

morphine sulfate IR will also show up as an opiate on a basic drug screen.

24 Oct 2011

It depends on how detailed the test is. They are both opiates but sometimes some tests just check for morphine derived opiates which the morphine will show on but not the oxycodone-it is a thebaine derived opiate. If the test tests for both morphine derived and thebaine derived opiates (which most pain management tests will test for both but an employment screen may not) they will both show up but show up different. I was lucky on my last employment screen-they checked for only morphine based opiates so I showed clean even though I take oxycodone. They didnt test for the thebaine derived opiates. It is very confusing, I know. It is best if you are being tested to stick with what you are legal to have present in your urine. If you have an Rx for MSIR then dont take oxycodone and vice versa.

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eckoabe1980 25 Nov 2011

To be correct, Oxycodone is a synthesized from the Opioid "Codine" part of the poppy. The 3rd and underused part of the Opium "Thebaine" is normally only used for opiate antagonist drugs such as buprenorphine (Suboxone/Subutex) and is rarely used for analgesic purposes! So to answer the question, morphine and oxycodone will both show up in the standard drug screen as an opiate under the same sense..

eckoabe1980 25 Nov 2011

But it will NOT be discriminated from the other (MSIR). It will just both show up as positive for OPIATES.

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