Will neurontin take away opiate withdrawl? Also will it help with my back pain?

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19 Dec 2009

It depends on what type of pain you are experiencing. If it's neurogenic pain it should help. I don't believe it will take away an opiate withdrawal though. Suboxone is sometimes prescribe for patients to prevent them from having withdrawal from opiates. Hope this helps and good luck.

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20 Dec 2009

I was on neurontin and the awnser is no I had also been on lortabs and percocet at the same time when I ran out of my medicine the neurontin would help me sleep a little but nope I have just recently figured out after 10 yrs plus that I had a problem I did an intake at the methadone clinic and now have no withdraws at all kinda like suboxone but its methadone I didnt get high at all off the methadone but as soon as I hit the door to the clinic ALL OF MY symptoms of withdraws were gone and for the first time in well since I can remember I felt normal kida scary but it helps I would recommend that if your having bad withdraws for an opiod based medicine it has saved my life

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17 Apr 2012

YES it is a miracle... helped me TREMENDOUSLY I am opiate free! I was taking about 60mg of percocet daily for a few months... now I'm on 600 mg of neurontin and been opiate free for two weeks without ONE symptom of withdrawal. HIGHLY recommended for a short time... about 45 days till your body is totally rid of the drug and your natural endorphins are naturally produced again. I plan on weaning slowly after 45 days from the neurontin... exercise is amazing for recovery... it's hard to get started but you just have to do it.

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