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Will lexapro, klonopin, flexerl,and restoril show up in a drug test?

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14 Aug 2010

Lexapro will not, but the Klonopin and Restoril will be flagged out as Benzos - and I really don't know if the Flexeril will or will not for certain, but I would be willing to make a large bet that it would not. It's not a drug type related to anything that is usually tested for.

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14 Aug 2010


jk13 is right about the benzos (they will show), flexeril will not show as it is only a muscle relaxant (skeletal).-

take care

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14 Aug 2010

Hi yes the benzos will show but not the muscle relaxers.

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2 Jul 2012

Hello duckie101. I agree with the previous answers. Might add that the Lexapro will also show positive. Best of wishes to all, pledge

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