Will baclofen work for methadone or opiate withdrawls??

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14 Feb 2012

On occasion, the doc may recommend Baclofen for Alcoholism or other addictions, this is called an "off-label" use.

However, Baclofen is a prescription medication approved to treat spasticity. The tablet form is approved for treating spasticity due to multiple sclerosis (MS) or spinal cord injuries or diseases. The injectable version (which is used in a pump that delivers the medication directly to the spinal cord) is approved to treat severe spasticity due to various causes, including MS, spinal cord injuries or diseases, or cerebral palsy.

For more info do talk to the doc/pharmacist, take care.

Best wishes!

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14 Feb 2012

I took Baclofen when in withdrawal from Methadone one time, and it actually made it a lot worse.

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