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Why dont vicodan show up in my urine?

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10 May 2011

well i depends how long ago did you take it before you took the test, how long have you been taking it, what dose, how many times a day. need further information to give you an accurate answer, if you were to say take 30mg a day everyday it would show up in your blood test, if you took 30mg, a day every now and then and it has been 48-72 hours it's not going to show up, so if you want a more accurate answer email some more questions we would all be happy to help youl.

10 May 2011

I have seen instances where Vicodin has cleared the urine in 24 hours. If the person hadnt taken a dose that day it doesnt show. Metabolism plays a large part and as BRRMARS said, how big a dose you take per day and how long you have taken it plays a part too. If you are drug testing for pain management, be sure you take a dose the day you go in so it shows up and they dont think you are diverting because you have no drug in your system. If it is a PRN breakthrough med then just tell them the last time you took a dose if it wasnt the day you go in.

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