Why does it seem no-one understands depression if they dont suffer from it?

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30 Aug 2010

Tell me about it. I think the reason is that if you've never been sick with the flu or a cold in your entire life, you'd probably have troubles relating. Same thing true with depression.

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30 Aug 2010

Same thing would be true if you were in love, only the person you were in love with would likely feel it. The same part of your brain that fires for creativity also anti fires for depression, that is why more artists and creative people get depressed. It helps to be in a group of people who are like yourself, if you can find a group that talks about depression, you will feel at home and possibly get better.Medication ( although it may take a while to find the right one) works quicker but therapy works better long term, in my opinion. People who are depressed tend to isolate themselves because no one seems to understand. Even if you only find 1 person to talk to, it will help.


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jk13 30 Aug 2010

The same part of your brain that fires for creativity also anti fires for depression, - Wow pattishan61, I didn't know that!! That's really interesting! I'll have to read up on that... sounds allot like love and hate, being two very similar emotions! Learn something new everyday! I used to paint and draw in order to feel ok, but can't anymore cause I work creatively for a living (I design teapots, platters, shapes for the home, etc), and just don't have the creative energy anymore. My depression and problems also spiked way up when that happened... I wish that I went into a career not related so directly to my love, cause now it's turned it into "work", something that I can no longer do on my own time, or just don't have the drive for anymore.

Anonymous 31 Aug 2010

sometimes antidepressants kill your creative drive and the libido, that is why people refuse them. Some doctors put people on too high a dose unknowingly. Personally i respond quickly to a child's size dose of amitriptyline or generic Prozac, but i also do the therapy thing and i get the fast lift of the meds but the long action of the therapy. certain newer meds made me feel manic, and i am not bi polar, and that was on the half dose they gave me in the beginning. Make sure you always let the doc and the therapist know how a med is working for you or not working. Keep a journal of how you feel each day so you can help them help you. Antidepressants should be tapered whether you are starting them or stopping them. don't be afraid to say that it isn't working, or to change doctors or therapists if they aren't helping. Give new meds at least 4 weeks to work UNLESS you feel overly antsy, much worse or suicidal. Those are huge red flags. Do try to walk, it really can help. i am praying for all of you, hang in there.


31 Aug 2010

Its just like no one understands back pain unless they have broken their back they just dont understand unless they have been through it themselves.

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9 Sep 2010

I understand. When you try to talk to others they act like you are contagious or crazy. They cannot understand that you physically cannot get going and your mental processes are moving in very slow-motion. Depression makes you sick in mind and body. Your body can actually hurt with it and that makes you exhausted.

There are lots of people out there who have suffered from depression. I had it so bad that I felt like my brain was filled with a black fog that I could not get through. I could not think, hear, talk or function. Just trying to get dressed was so hard.

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Sacosam 10 Sep 2010

Hi lottama; "Yikes & a double Uurkk"! I have P.M.R. and am just starting my 2nd year of it [not an expert yet]... BUT If I were to try [and I have tried] to explain to the "low brow fools and idiots that live around here, what this disease is , really is , no words over 8 letters , plenty of swearwords , [the dirty kind , with no reference to God or whomever or whatever "they know for sure" that God must be partial to. What I said was that it is a form of arthritis, or an offshoot of arthritis and is very painful, crippleing disease, etc. etc , etc. & it causes a lot of other illnesses such as in my case, boosting my depression by 50%.
If you won't mind lottama, I would like to copy your first paragraph, because as I said, I have never yet seen a better description of "Polymyalgia Rheumatica" (P.M.R.) Thank You much "Dear heart"! You say had... did you beat it? How? Sacosam

lottama 10 Sep 2010

I am honored that you feel my description is worthy of duplication. Please feel free to use it.

I have been on Effexor XR for 10 years now and feel that it has made my depression much more manageable. I am not cured but this is the one medication that "lets me feel like me". I have tried around a dozen other antidepressants and most kept me from the depths of the disease but left me feeling like a zombie. (I told my psychiatrist the "I knew the Effexor was working because I had an erotic dream.") I started on 150 mg and have been up to 300 and back down to 225 over the years.


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