White< round pill, with 3761 on one side and two triangles facing each other on the othe side?

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What is this pill - White Round with '150 2 partial triangles' imprint?

its round and it has2 small triangles and in the middle of the triangles is a spear lookin thing,i can send a photo if there was a way

2 answers 29 May 2009

What is this pill - Orange Round with '4357 and 150' on the back imprint?

It has two triangles on the side with the numbers 4357 . They are on top of each other facing the points.

1 answer 1 Jun 2009

Found another pill... this one is a small white oblong pill (looks like a 1mg xanax in size and?

... shape) with 5664 on one side. The other side is scored with a 10 under the score and a symbol that looks like an hour glass or two triangles ...

1 answer 18 Oct 2010

What is this pill I can't find it anywhere- white shaped in oval?

It has 2 triangles on it with the bases facing eachother, (pointing away) there is a tiny "dot" at the base of one of the triangles and ...

1 answer 27 May 2011