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Which is better for sore muscles..Icy hot or biofreeze?

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26 Mar 2011

Neither. Try using a heating pad. It's the magical medication with no side-effects.

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26 Mar 2011

Hi there, I use a cold soft ice pack for inflamation of any kind. 15 minutes only then off. If no inflamation use warm packs. Hope this helps! Good luck! smileyhappy.

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28 Mar 2011

Icy Hot and biofreeze are both effective. It is just a matter of which you prefer. As the other posters have said, ice and/or heat is very effective and inexpensive. Generally ice should be used in the first 24 hours following injury or overuse of the muscles. Heat can be used after that. If you are diabetic or have loss of feeling in any of the areas you are treating with ice or heat talk to your healthcare provider first. Also, do not put ice packs directly on the skin. Wrap them in a towel first. Do not use too high a heat and apply either the ice or heat for 15-20 minutes at a time every 2 hours or so.

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