Where can I get free percocet since I have no insurance?

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10 Oct 2010

I know what you're going through. You could try www.needymeds.com. Also look up different Pharmaceutical companies as many have special programs for people who can not afford their meds. Give them a call and they could send you an application to see if you qualify. You could do an online search(type in anything like "prescription assistance" or "free medication") several links will show up and many of them have discount cards you can print out and use right away. There is one in particular that can save you up to 75% off the price of your meds. Sometimes when you transfer your prescription to another pharmacy (use a large KMart type place) they'll give you a big discount too. If you know the name of the pharma company that makes your particular med, type in their name in the online search. There may be a link that has "prescription Assistance" on its' site.

I know how hard it is covering the cost of meds. Please keep looking and you're bound to find some help somewhere.

My best wishes and good luck!

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11 Oct 2010

Percocet luckily isnt very expensive. Ive had it filled without insurance several times and it wasnt very much. Like $20 I think.

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11 Oct 2010

30 oxycodone 5mg without insurance is $11.97 been there done that

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