What will happen if u suddenly stop taking effexor xr and or trazodone?

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9 Jun 2010

Alot of pain and feeings you do not want to experience do it with the help of a doctor good luck and god bless

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9 Jun 2010

For the Effexor-not a good idea unless you want to deal with the physical and psychological issues that may arise if you do the quick stop. How your body responds is always a hit or miss. Been through the zaps and it blows.
Trazodone cold turkey-you'll wonder what it's like to sleep after a few days... good luck.

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10 Jun 2010

i don,t know because i went off it gradually over a period of about 3 weeks and didn,t notice anything,so just go of it gradually and make life easier.

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25 Jun 2010

You should NEVER stop taking any antidepressants suddenly.You will be terribly sick for a long time... you will have extremely bad withdrawl. You need to cut down slowly... effexor has terrible withdrawl even when you cut down slowly on your dosage... but it would be much worse if you didn't.I cut back slowly on effexor and it felt like the skin on my face was peeling off.

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29 Jun 2010

I agree that you should never stop effexor cold turkey. It is absolute hell. It is like having the flu only 100 times worse. I quit paxil cold turkey and it was absolutely awful until I got on the effexor. I know I will have the same problem coming off of this medication too. Please talk to your Doctor before you try and get off the meds. Maybe they can give you a tapering schedule to help you out.

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