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What to do if I have skin rash and swelling after having twinrix shot ,before going to doctor?

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9 Jul 2010

I believe you should your pharmacist.
They know more abouy which specific topical cream you can apply without causing side effects and also making your rash swollen.
Regarding the swelling, which part of your body is swollen, also ask your pharmacist,for the same reason. I do not know where these conditions came from.

What did you take? What happened, did it just appeared suddenly or did they developed slowly?

Best of luck.

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9 Jul 2010

I would say talk to your doctor about it. Its a good thing you havent already seen him so you can talk to him about it and tell him what you told us. It sounds like an allergic reaction to the medicine.

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10 Jul 2010

I found this;
Pain/redness/swelling/itching at the injection site are common side effects from this injection. Application of ice, 20 minutes off/20 minutes on over the injection site as well as the use of otc medications like ibuprofen and Benadryl (if ok'd by your doctor) will help. Hope this helps some.

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