What the difference in lortab generic or brand name?

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24 Nov 2010

The difference is when you get generic you never know what your getting different companys make the generic brand and some can make you really sick or not even work at all. Its always safe to get the brand name if you can but when it comes to insurance or not having any at all it can be difficult to purchase the name brand. Hope this was useful michelle.

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cholemarie 24 Nov 2010

tht was wht i thought ive had both brand name is expensive but generic doesnt seem as strong i didnt knw if it was in my head or not

Anonymous 24 Nov 2010

Yes it does make a difference no its not in your head at all everyone on here would definantly agree.

5 Dec 2010

My Dad use to say You get what you pay for and this sometimes applies to generics. Don't know how we tell when but if you need to make sure you want the better drug, buy name brand. It differs with everything but drugs are scarey to take a chance on.

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Sacosam 6 Dec 2010

Hiya whooooooooooohhh! ("The devil made me do that"!) "LOL"! Just for one... oh say 6 month period, I wish someone would give me enough money to buy 3or4 mos. worth of brand name drugs. IT' s been a LLLoooooonnngg , L-L-L-O-O-O-O-O-O-N-N-N-G-G Time Sacosam

5 Dec 2010

Me personally i cant tell the difference in generics and name brands, but everybodys body chemistry is different.

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christineATU 5 Dec 2010

Even though the chemistry make up may differ from med to med, I can't afford brand name meds. I'm stuck with generics but must say they do work at controlling pain (somewhat) But can't say for sure if brand name would work any better. I only know that people DO have different reactions.

len811 1 Sep 2012

christineATU Is that Arkansas Tech? check with the chemistry department. I think the chemistry is the same. It is the same stuff! That does not mean, necessarly, that other components are exactly the same and whether, if present, might have an affect. In most all cases, generic should be the same. The same medicine (chemical substance) is produced. Actually, it could be better with regard to minor components.

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