I have been off Tramadol for a week now... I was taking 10-12 50mg pills a day for about two months. I was on Zoloft 100mg a day but I took myself off of that because of a seizure issue. I did not have one but I saw that there was an interaction with the two. In true addict fashion, I stopped the Zoloft, and kept on with the Tramadol. I am waiting to see a Dr, about the issue. Here is my problem, I am not having all the side effects/withdrawal issues... in fact I am doing fine except for one thing. When I walk, sit, or make any movement, I feel like my insides are trailing behind and it takes a second for my insides to catch up with body. Obviously, this is internal, I am not really swaying all around, it just feels like it. It feels like my internals are in water, especially my brain... what is happening to me... anyone out there had any similar WD symptoms? Thanks, I am seeing a MD who specalizes in addiction treatment this week. Thanks in advance for any info on the topic.