I had surgery at the end of March 2004 to have a lung removed through my back due to a malignant tumor. I had been taking Lortab 7.5mg for the aches and pain since then, 2 tablets, 3 times a day. Well, today, my doctor wanted me to stop taking the Lortab and prescribed me Neurontin instead, even though the Lortab was working fine. After I got home with my new prescription, I started reading about all this horrific information on this particular drug,including the sexual side effects (which would be really bad since I am newlywed only since December) the psychotic episodes, dizziness, depression etc. I was just wondering if anyone would know why a doctor would want to take me from being on Lortab which was working perfectly fine for me to putting me on this drug that seems to be prescribed mostly alongside anti-depression medication and seizure medication?? And another question is why are doctors so skittish about prescribing narcotic pain meds for people like myself who obviously benefit from it? Is it possible to talk to another doctor and explain my situation to them? I mean, I am quite obviously not faking the pain from the 16 inch incision made just under the shoulder blade on the right side of my back! It has been less than 2 months since I had the surgery and I honestly don't think I am totally healed up yet. Any responses or advice would be much appreciated :) Thanks!
PS If I do indeed start taking Neurontin and stop taking the Lortab completely, will I have to worry about withdrawls? and if so, shouldn't the doctor have known about this? Sorry to be asking so many questions, I am just a bit concerned about all of this... sometimes doctors can be so frustrating!