I have an appt for a reasonably priced & caring-sounding Sub clinic tomorrow. It seems like from this forum that a lot of people have had negative experiences their first dose/induction. I have been on methadone before (for mostly heroin) and liked it because it gave you that little "high" but allowed you to live a normal life too.
I'm doing the Sub this time (for mixed heroin & pharms) so I don't have to be chained to a clinic w/a bunch of druggies and criminals (sorry but it's true). Once you get established on your dose, can anyone explain what the "feeling" is like? Do you get that opiate calm? There are so many horror stories on this forum I feel like I should just go back on methadone becasue it's more predictable.
The clinic I'm going to is a mixed meth/Sub clinic. My appt is tomorrow AM & am in beginning w/drawal.
Thanks for any advice, this is my 1st post.