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What prescription pain pills are safe for pregnant women?

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10 Jun 2010

My sister just recently had a baby and the whole time she was on vicodin(norco). She had a very healthy 9 pounds and 5 ounces baby. So i can safely say vicodin is fine just be sure your doctor approves of the same thing. Only thing is she didnt take a big amount of it about 5 a day max. Dont let any doctor lie to you and say that it isnt good for you cause it is just fine for pregnant women.

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10 Jun 2010

This is a question for a doctor who knows your underlying medical condition

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11 Jun 2010

I would have to agree with my friend here, only your OB/GYN can actually tell you what is safe. Everyone responds differently and Different doctors have different opinions about medication and pregnancy. 99.99% of OB/GYN's will tell you Tylenol (if your not allergic to it of course) and that only in small amounts also. Just to explain what I mean about everyone being different, my daughter was in a severe car accident while pregnant with my granddaughter and was given a script for 10 Vicodin. She took only three of them and my granddaughter was very sick when she arrived 4 weeks later, my daughter never took any other medicine when she was pregnant for fear that the baby would get sick and her worse nightmare came true and that was only on 3 pills spread apart of course. My daughter went on such a guilt trip it wasn't funny. I hope noone ever has to see a baby sick because of pain meds.

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