What pain pills are not aloud to drive a commercial Truck?

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3 Feb 2012


It's easier to tell u whichones are allowed while driving a commerial truck with your CDL... aspirin, ibuprophen and tylenol... maybe naproxyn sodium.
Any kind of narcotic is strictly banned.

Hope I covered your question as I have a good friend who drives...

The Sweetest Hippie,

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DzooBaby 3 Feb 2012

You might be allowed Tramadol depending on where you live. My husband has to abide by DOT rules and he had to stop taking his pain medication and was changed over to Tramadol. Tramadol is not considered an opioid in many states. It is "opioid like", it is not related chemically to the poppy plant but it does act on the same receptors opioids do so you CAN become dependent on it and it may cause dizziness and drowsiness. What you might look into is to check your states, or the states you drive through, check their DOT websites to see if you can find out what is allowed. Good Luck!

Anonymous 4 Feb 2012

Geez Dzoo,
What's wrong with me... I fergot frikkin Ultram. My bad.
The Humble Pie Hippie
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