What narcotic is called roxy's?

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18 Apr 2010

bite me35, the newest nickname "roxy" means oxycodone. I have also heard it to describe a med. called Roxicette. They both have a huge potential for abuse. I also have read the the former (oxycodone) is sweeping the country and there has been alot of abuse and drug related deaths with that.I know you wanted just an answer to your question but because I worry about everything I pray that if you are thinking about trying it don't and if you are trying to get off it, you can do it! Fall Queen

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christineATU 18 Apr 2010

Dear Queen of Falls, are we repeating ourselves? :) lol You are right about the abuse sweeping across the country. Nothing new, just makes more doctors uneasy about prescribing them. In your case, it's needed. I just answered a question about why my dr. dropped me... keep up the good advice and thoughtful answers!

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