What kind of medicine need for cold/coff and her age is 70-80?

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18 Dec 2009

Age is not the biggest factor. All the other medications she is on is a bigger factor. You should go to the phamacy where she gets her medication and find out which drug is the best for her.

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20 Dec 2009

The most important thing to look at is her medical history. For example if she has diabetes then it should be sugar fee. If she has high blood pressure there are cough syrups for people with high BP. etc. Your best bet is to ask her pharmacist as they more than likely look up her other medications and see if there are any contraindications. Or if she is on cardiac meds some can cause coughs or history of asthma or lung problemsso you might want her to see her Doctor. I hope this helps a little Good Luck and I hope she feels better.

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