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What kind of drug is a soma?

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25 May 2010

bgkobg2408, Soma is a pretty powerful muscle relaxant. Do you have a script for it ? The pharmacist can really explain all about it. Also go to the top of this site where yopu signed in and just put the word soma in the toolbar, you will be able to read about it. I have some advice whether you have a script or not. Do not drive while taking Soma. Good Luck Fall Queen

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christineATU 25 May 2010

Great advice as usual :)

28 Dec 2011

Contrary to opinion, Soma is not a muscle relaxer. It works directly on the Brain, and thats what it relaxes. Soma is dangerous. You can take it at night before bed and never have a problem, but if you ever take it and have to do something, thats when it will hit you. You will find that you no longer have any control over your speech, your legs become rubber and your body and brain are out of control. I told my doctor about this, and got accused of abusing the drug, until about a month later when my doctor was having some back problems and took a soma at work. He was transported to the hospital because he thought he had possibly had a stroke, his body was not under his control it was under the Soma's control. Good Luck to anyone having to take this stuff, it's bad news.

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