What is this pill - with "purepac" symbol looks like 'R-665' imprint tan/brown &white capsule?

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13 Nov 2009

Gabapentin 100mg generic Neurontin

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What is this pill - with 'Purepac 029' imprint?

Has Purepac (Actavis US) symbol on one side and either 029 or 620 on other side and is uncoated orange/peach color

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I have a pill that is white and round and has the purepac symbol on it(that looks kind of like and?

... R) it with 59 under it. What is this?

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What is this pill?

round, white, purepac symbol on one side and 551 on the other

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NEED HELP ID. I found a small capsule that resembles an oxy ir 5mg but has a wierd symbol like a?

... hald moon and 665 both sides of capsule. i found it in my daughters room she said it was a narcotic but i cant find anything on it, please any ...

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What is this pill - with 'symbol 655 symbol 655' imprint?

Its a capsule with a half moon kind of symbol then 655 and the same on the other side it is hire nd brown

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