What is this pill - with 44-367 imprint and it's blue?

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8 Jun 2009

44 367 is Diphenhydramine 25 mg
Sleep Aid

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What is this pill - with '44-367' imprint?

Pill is light blue in color and smaller than a "standard Tylenol". It is a non-capsule and elyptical in shape. Thanks, Jim

1 answer 14 Jun 2009

What is this pill - with '367' imprint?

The Pill is round Flat like a pancake blank on one side and has an H over 367 on one side

1 answer 30 Jul 2009

Does anyone know what a pink round pill with H 367 on it is?

The pill seems to be pink and it looks like an M or an H and 367 on one side. It is round and small

1 answer 13 Jul 2010

What is this pill - with '' imprint?

It is blue, capsule-shaped and has the imprint 44-367. It is not in the database

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