What is this pill round white one side has 224 with 3850 below it & a X imprint on other side?

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29 Jun 2011

224 3850 is the imprint used by Stacker dietary supplements. I think the one you have may be an old one as they don't seem to use that imprint now.

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What is this pill - with '224 3850' imprint?

what is this pill is purple and gray and also has the markings st-3ef and 224 over 3850. thanks

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What is this pill - with 'ST-2 224 3850' imprint?

Purple and yellow capsule with st-2 224/3850 stamp on it

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What is this pill - with '224 3850' imprint?

White and round with an x on the back

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What is this pill - with '224 3850 2' imprint?

(Front side) 224 3850 2 Back has a x shape. Possibly being able to be cut into 4's... My son said it's an energy pill but I don't ...

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What is this pill - with 'ST-3EF' imprint?

This is a purple and gray capsule with ST-3EF on the purple side and 224 and 3850 on the gray side. The 224 is underlined and on top of 3850

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