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What is the price of the drug zyvox?

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12 Apr 2010

Please inquire at your local pharmacy ... you will need a prescription for it and if you have insurance it may be covered (please check plans).

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dick_cars559 15 Jan 2011

I recently needed a prescription for 8 pills of Zyvox. My cost at the local Costco Pharmacy was $708.61. Very pricey, but gets the job done.

Kevin34 28 Dec 2011

Its very expensive, I recently had a prescription filled for 64 pills and it was 6,000 dollars.

12 Nov 2010

I was prescribed this for 22 days, until I can get to a specialist to check on (MRSA) Infection. It was called in for me and I went to C.V.S to pick it up and the total was $3,500.00. I about passed out! I am calling tomorrow to see if there are any alternatives, if there are none... I will be taking out a loan just to get my meds. (No Insurance here) Other alternatives I have already tried are: Bactrim, Doxycycline, Rifampin and Macyrobid.

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BrandonTroy 13 Nov 2010

I was able to obtain the Zyvox from the Pharmacy today with Pfizer's RSVP program for non-insured and low income. It has been a MAJOR blessing for me. You can get more information on the Pfizer Friends website.

29 Dec 2011

The one and only time I had to have it, the price for 7 pills was just over $700.00. I later received a refund of about $300.00 after my insurance paid their part. This was approx 1 year ago.

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20 Mar 2012

Took 2 pills per day for 21 days. About $4000.00
Fortunately, my insurance paid all but $85.00
The other problem was that Zyvox destroys blood platelets, so I had to get a blood draw twice weekly, to see what the level was. The Dr would then make the decision to continue or not.
The good part, is I am now healed. Took about 9 months, and 3 or 4 different antibiotics to find one that worked. (Thanks to my infectious disease specialist!!)

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