What is the maximum daily dose for topamax?

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16 Jan 2010

I'm on 400 mg a day for anti-seizures for hemiplegic migraines (which can cause seizures leading to permanent comas) caused by my panic disorder. My doc said that is the highest daily dose she could put me on safely with my other panic disorder drugs (clonazepam [tranquilizer 3x/day, antidepressant 50mg/day, & clonidine 2x/day to make me "forget repetitive nightmares from post-traumatic stress syndrome).

The 400 mg is, fortunately, working for me because I was having up to 17 seizures a month, all making me go into comas of varying lengths of time, any of which could have been permanent.

I don't know what an "ultimate" maximum daily dose for topamax would be, but I know that I wouldn't want to be on any higher a dosage than this.


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