what is the half life of ms contin?

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15 Aug 2009

About 12 hours. If you're going for a urine test then 5-7 days to get a negitive for opiates..Hope that helps... Dave

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15 Aug 2009

According to my drug handbook the half-life is 6-12 hours depending on the dose. Hope this helps

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16 Aug 2009

I agree with 6-12 hours depending on dosage and how long you have been on it. Kim

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16 Aug 2009

The HALF-LIFE of MS Contin is 2-5 hours. These other posters are talking about the full active "supposed" full pain control life,not the half life,but than if you just subtract half their answers you'll get the half life. You guys know you can google these simple answers. I don't mind answering them but if you want to save time just google. But I'll tell you a true to life story about the actual time the drug works. I had a real bad week & took my last 100mg MS Contin about 11:00p.m,went to sleep at 7:00a.m & woke up so sick(withdrawl) that might tell you something,but I've been on the sh*t for over .4 years so you'll have to come to your own conclusion based on how long you've been on any opiate cuz you will build a tolerance to ALL OF THEM.

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