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What is the easiest and painless way to detox off opiates and/or heroin ?

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7 Dec 2011

IMO there is no easy and/or painless way to detox off of the short acting opiates, which Heroin is 1 of. If possible I suggest a slow weaning process where you use whatever meds can make the wds a little milder. A lot depends on what you've been taking and for how long. It also depends on how well you can handle the wds. I found that easier in my early 40's. Again, depending on all these factors, a Cold Turkey detox may be best. When I did it at, 40 something, I felt horrid for 10 days, and then things slowly got better. But at least after 10 days I was off all opiates. Was it easy, no way. But it was quick.


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9 Jan 2012

if your talking opiates as in narcotic pain meds, you can always do a slow taper like i am now. im tapering off percocet 10/325, went from taking 162.5 mgs and now taking 130 mgs. i do have restless leg and arm syndrome, anxiety/panic, insomnia and depression, body aches like the flu, im on prozac for my depression, and xanax for my panic/anxiety that comes with tapering. xanax will also help you sleep some. its bareable verses cold turkey which i hear is pure hell. good luck

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Thor283 9 Jan 2012



Anonymous 10 Jan 2012

thor, i did here from others and also have read at the dc site that hydrocodone has less of wds. also heard that many people do the switch so when tapering its not so bad. im sure my dr would with no problem switch my medication, especially if it will make it easier for me, and yes about the xanax, i understand how bad it could get, and yes rarely do i resort to having to take it, thanks for your support and encouragement. leanne

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