What is the difference in strength between klonopin, xanax, & ativan?

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12 Jun 2010

All of those medications are benzodiazepines, and each one comes in a different strength, Klonopin, and Ativan and Xanax are all used to treat panic disorder, and problems with anxiety. However, Xanax tends to act very quickly in most people and leaves the system equally fast, where the ativan and klonopin are slower acting, and tend to take longer to build up in your system and stay with you longer. You can look all of the medications up on this site and get a clearer picture of them. Each comes in different Mg's. depending on how your doctor wants to prescribe them for you or increase them as needed. I wish you luck, and hope this helped a little. Good Luck!

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12 Jun 2010

The actual 'strength' ratio between klonopin to xanax is roughly 1:1, but i dont know about ativan off the top of my head. However, xanax is more of a quick, strong relief, quick-comedown drug, whereas klonopin and ativan are made to last longer, but not come on as hard as xanax.

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christineATU 22 Jun 2010

bronx77 is bored. Maybe you can cheer him up. Did you read his answer?? You answered the ratio between klonopin, xanax, and adivan... read his answer below yours! wow, is this guy nuts? You should click on his pic and look at his "activity" I made some remarks to him. It's worth reading my friend!

christineATU 22 Jun 2010

You see? Even I make mistakes! This wasn't supposed to post here, but oh well, my opinion is still the same.

21 Jun 2010

like said above xanax to klonopin is 1:1 but ativan is not equal in dose to those. 1mg of xanax is equal to 1mg klonopin, and in the case of ativan it can be 2-3mg for every 1mg of xanax or klonopin. wow im bored.

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christineATU 22 Jun 2010

Have you tried Yahoo Chat? Maybe you won't be so bored there. And why bother answering a question that someone else answered correctly? Not only are your answers wrong, they're very rude too!

Anonymous 22 Jun 2010

christine, I concur... RUDE!!!
If bronx is bored, perhaps he should bugger off to a chat room.

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