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What is the difference between oxycodone HCL 5 mg and percocets 5 mg?

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9 Jan 2012

Both drugs contain the opioid pain reliever oxycodone 5mg but Percocet also contains 325mg of acetaminophen along with the oxycodone. The oxycodone HCL is oxycodone alone.

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Kten 11 Jan 2012

Thank you, that is what I thought but I wanted to make sure. The question was asked because od drug screening test I might hsve. I get oxycodone 5 mg prescribed, but wanted to know thast if I took a percocet it would be ok if i had a drug pee test. Now that Iknow this i will not worry about failing a pee test again. Thank you, Kten

tracitropics 30 Apr 2012

Actually, no, sorry your wrong, hcl simply means Hydrochloric Acid which is common in a lot of different prescriptions... oxycodone hcl still has the acetaminophen as well it simply has Hydrochloric Acid (hcl) which is used in prescriptions binded to the drug itself. It helps to overcome digestive acids in the stomach.

tracitropics 30 Apr 2012

oh and one other thing, to answer the persons question about what is the difference the only difference is that percocet is a brand name and the other one is generic, percocet is like the name tylonol and nothing more. hope this answers your question, either way both are oxycodone in the exact same form.

broken back 12 Sep 2014

I was just switched off of oxycodone 5mg to oxycondone HCl 5 mg, I'm having a hard time finding information on the difference, meaning size of the pill is it same as the other one or smaller, if its going to help me more can I take medicine for my head aches more often now.

tllrml2 2 Oct 2014

I am on Oxycodone HCL 5 mg and yes its just oxycodone only and no acetaminophen I have a nurse and she told me the same thing that it makes it Percocet when the tylonol is added, but to me these work better than the percocet and she also said u can take tylonol with it or I am also prescribed 800 mg ibuprofen and she said i can switch back and forth between the tylonol and ibuprofen taken with the Oxycodone.

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