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What is the best medication to treat a 11 year old boy with ADHD?

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23 Aug 2011

My son was put on Concerta at age 7. It has always worked quite well for him. I knew within hours of his taking the medicine that it was working! He takes Concerta in the AM then Clonidine in the PM to help him sleep. He is now 16 and still does quite well on this medication. We have not had to increase the dosage but maybe once in all this time.

DzooBaby 23 Aug 2011

I just want to add that every child is different though. Concerta is Methylphenidate which is the Gold Standard of ADHD treatment but some kids may do better on other medications. Dont become discouraged. Sometimes it takes a while to find the right combination.

Anonymous 23 Aug 2011

Dzoo, would you agree that ist best to find a good Ped that treats alot of ADHD kids also. Because there are so many diffrent meds and kids react to them diffrent like you said. You have really lucked up with your responding so good to the meds he is on. Von-1 PS my friend have not talk to you lately hope you are good!

24 Aug 2011

Hi Kay,
My son is 12 now and is on Vyvanse. That works well for his Adhd except it takes his appetite away. The pediatrician gave me another pill for him to take for appetite. He was on Strattera but that cause him to be pissed off and angry. Good luck and take care I know how worrysome it can get. Keep in touch.

Anonymous 24 Aug 2011

Smiley, we use Vyvance when I worked at the Ped office, seemed to work good. Glad it is working for your son, but as you know most those meds cause wt loss at first. Von

mommadolphin 6 Aug 2014

My son was also on Vyvanse for 3 months after being on adderrol. Almost immediately(within a few days) he began to have hallucinations of demonic beings following him around... scared that no one would believe him or think he was crazy he didn't say anything about the hallucinations for almost the full 3 months... He said he was aware that what he was seeing just wasn't real but it slowly began to tear at his mind not knowing what to believe until he couldn't take anymore so he told me. I truly believe that he was having these crazy hallucinations and wanted to help him so we went to the doctors a few days later she changed his meds to concerta and once again almost immediately did he stop having those hallucinations... he is currently still on concerta but they keep having to change his dose. Is there anyone who might recommend something different that works longer without having to consistently keep taking more? Any advise would be helpful.

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