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What is the best medication for pain?

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18 Apr 2010

Hello. I'm not a dr so what ill tell you is what's working the best for me right now ok? I have spinal stenosis and am currently taking fentanyl 50 mg patches. They are working the best for me since they don't make me all tired and depressed. So that's the best for me. Marla

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19 Apr 2010

Depends on your degree of pain like at a hospital you have a scale of 1-10 and if pain is untolerable its 10.But there is so many drugs that are useful and i dont know how much pain your in,and you cant go into your dr demanding fentanyl which is so potent its sold in micrograms instead of milligrams then he will think your full of B.S if its a NEW dr.If I were in your shoes go to pain management and let them decide for you its their job

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19 Apr 2010

I agree with Rem on this one. There are so many meds for so many different conditions. It's always best to go to your doctor and discuss the problem. If it's acute pain (broken arm, sprained ankle) obviously you will not be prescribed the patch for pain. If it's chronic pain and your opiate tolerant, best to see a pain management specialist. Good luck to you and hope you feel better.

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