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What is the average cost of suboxone w/o insurance?

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24 Apr 2011

have you tried calling your pharmacist. im sorry but i have no idea. amber

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24 Apr 2011

In Lower Alabama, at CVS, they are between $7.50 and $8.50 for the 8/2 pills and around $4.75 for the 2/.5 pills.

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okaymiss 24 Apr 2011

Hi Patti how's it going w/ you? Hope your having a nice Easter! You'll be happy to know I've finally stabilized on .75 (3/4) of 1mg with my taper, on the strips of course, I think I just needed to re-adjust to the film from the pills, as my experience was the pills were much stronger than the film. I figured if the strips were weaker than the pills, it could only be easier getting off of them. Anywho, the suboxone here in Ohio is about the same as your paying in Bama.. I do believe the strips cost me a little less, however not by much.
So, I seem to be doing better now after almost a week of being on my .75mg. I will most likely try taking .50 (1/2mg) tomorrow morning, I'm off work for a couple days and that's perfect for me to try and adjust. Keep me in your thoughts & prayers, I will try and stay in touch more often, we have been so busy w/ our business, purchasing a home, and my full time cooking, hardly any extra time.
God Bless

Anonymous 24 Apr 2011

I am so glad, it is all a process of lowering and stabilizing. My counselor is the one who suggested 4 weeks between tapers, if someone can do it faster, great, if it is slower, that is ok too. I looked at several things to consider myself stable, my comfort level, how hard it was to do normal things or how easy it was. If my appetite, sleeping and energy level were normal, I considered myself stable. Sometimes you have to cheat and take a crumb here and there, that is ok too.

toobadgirl 25 Apr 2011

Here in Nh runs $11 each pill for the 8mg subliquil kind. i dont have the film-the doc was gonna put me on it but its more expensive. i think those are now $14 each. i have insurance and get 15 a month for $35. the retail was $165 for this. too high! the people who determine price should be shot! How are we to get better if they dont lower the price?? Or is it they figure if we have to pay alot then we will take it more seriously. Whichever its bs!

18 May 2011

Subx in upstate NY cost $8.50 a piece with no insurance. Its prescribed to me (average dose) 30 at a time to cover 2 wks. So if you do the math around $500 a month for average amount-SUCKS

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