What is a small white pill with watson on the back and numbers on the front?

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24 May 2010

Can you make out the numbers this might help.

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The pill is white oblong?

On the back It has an indentation down the center of the short side and on the front it has the Watson symbol, an indentation down the center similar ...

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What is this pill - with '40 watson 216' imprint?

i have this white, round pill and the imprints are 40 on front, and watson 216 on the back... can anyone tell me what that is please?

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i have a pill here that i don't know what it is, it is like a beige maybe could be tan it's definitely not white. it has no numbers or ...

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What is this pill - with 'watson 333/1.0' imprint?

Watson on front and 333/1.0 on back... It is a small round off white tablet... Country of origin is the US.

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