What is a home remedy for removing moles off your body?

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2 May 2010

There is no home remedy for removing moles off your body. If you are worried about a mole you need to see a doctor.

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2 May 2010

I do not agree with marvell there is a home remedy I have used it. I had a real huge mole on my left butt cheek and at the time I had just met a guy that I didn't want him to know about my mole he ended up finding out anyway. He didn't make me feel ugly about it though he suggested some otc medicine called freeze it I was very sceptical at first I told him I tried everything in the book and it has not worked and so when he was away at work I tried it. At first nothing happened it didn't come off right away so I told him I tried it and it didn't work after a few days it just fell off. I think I cried I was so happy cause it had been there since childhood it is this small canister and you stick this q-tip looking thing on the hole at the top of it then you press the trigger and soak the q-tip with the medicine rub the q-tip directly on the mole. Im sure that it was called freeze it you might want to double check when you scan the aisle for it.


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Anonymous 2 May 2010

Please write me back and let me know how it goes remember it doesn't come off right away but it will within a few or couple days okay.

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