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What ever happened to quaaludes, they were wonderful?

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22 Feb 2010

Don't make them in the United States anymore.

jade13 16 Apr 2011

Hi Robert Im not commenting on this because of the quaaludes... I have a few questions and need some help, its kinda a long story but basically im on subs right now and dr is a dick!!! Abruptly stopped my meds and I am scared... dont know what to do, I NEED HELP asap, please if you can contact me, email or whatever so we can talk I would greatly appreciate it! Ive read your article on the subject but still need some questions answered. You are wonderful and thanks in advance!

12 Oct 2010

Quaaludes became a Schedule 1 drug in 1984 and are no longer legally available in the United States.

12 Jan 2011

What is a replacement now prescribed instead of quaaludes? I barely remember them from the late '70s, then they became extinct.

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