What dose opiate adjunct mean?

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5 Oct 2010

there are a few meanings it could mean take something adjunct with something else or it could mean adjunct with weight loss and excercise
It sounds to me in the way your asking it about taking something along with something else anyhow thats about as much as I know about what it means I really hope this helps

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20 Nov 2010

Opiate Adjunct usually refers to medications approved and prescribed for symptoms associated with taking opiates, such as nausea, etc.

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7 Apr 2011

Opiates are used in the treatment of pain.After a period of time opiates become less effective. The practicioner adds other medications to effectly enhance the opiates abilility to reduce pain. Dose opiate adjunct is a simple way for enhancing the effect of the pain reliever.

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