What does percocet 30mg. Do to your body after two years recreational use?

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1 Mar 2011

Hi mike529,
Could you give us more info to work with? How often did/are you taking it? In what way do you take it? Do you snort it?
If you add more info, we can better answer you, other than the obvious, addiction, which can lead to horrible withdrawal, depression, and messed up neurotransmitters in the brain.
Best wishes mike,

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1 Mar 2011

Hey Mike,

As already mentioned by sweetlemon, without knowing how much and in what route you are taking the percocet it is difficult to answer the question.

The long term use of percocet depending on how and quantity can include but not limited to renal (kidney) and liver damage.

As you probably know, the percocet is addictive and will have to be decreased slowly in order to avoid withdrawls.

I do hope you get help for your addiction and if we can be of further assitance please post again,


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oxyaaron 1 Mar 2011

well percocet dont come in 30mg so i think they mean regular oxycodone 30mg tabs

LaurieShay 1 Mar 2011

Or maybe they mean 3 10mg percocets, hard to say, you may be right.

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