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What does focalin xr make you feel like?

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26 Sep 2010

Short of taking it myself, this is a difficult question. Over the years my daughter has been on this medicine I must admit I have been tempted but have never fallen to it. I wouldn't know how much to take at my size anyway. I always ask my daughter about it. The best answer I got from her was she once told me that it make her think better. Hope that helps.

16 Dec 2010

If you actually have add/adhd it increases your focus as well as providing a calming effect. If you don't have add/adhd, then you might as well go buy some cocaine because they both are very similiar in their mode of action


19 Jul 2012

Hello RML17. I agree with the two previous posts. Will add that you find that your sense of perception, awarness is much sharper. That is a direct side effect from having taken the Focalin. Best of wishes to you, pledge

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