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What does a xanax do to you?

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13 Jul 2011

compt, for me it makes me feel normal. I have anxiety, panic and social disorder. It helps me cope with all this, but I also have to help myself. I'm not really sure what you mean by your qusestion. But people react diffrent to meds, some can take one kind of med where another can't. Its up to your doc to find what works for you, depending on whats wrong with you or what you are going thru. It is and can be addictive.

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13 Jul 2011

Dear comptonass terry:
I don't take as much as is prescribed I have had episodes of Panic and it seems to me to make the waves of panic less and at times go away for a while, it seems to decrease anxiety but it does not in any way that I can tell make me feel euphoric or medicated, I believe it also helps me cope with my chronic pain in a more effective way, I think the pain medicine (since being able to be on a reduced dose) that the two together work but I am also aware that the medication does not stop all the symptoms, I think thats when I try hard to use it sparingly because like anything else I don't want the medication to become ineffective. I hope this answers your question, Feel free to ask questions this is a group that will be glad to do all that it can to assist you. take care.

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13 Jul 2011

I have taken Xanax since 1994 for my fibromyalgia to help me relax enough to sleep at night. It usually does a very good job along with some benadryl. I know others that take to help with their anxiety or nervous problems. It calms you down. I hope this helps answer your question...

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Anonymous 13 Jul 2011

Sorry Billy, didn't see your post til after I did. Billy is right about helping with chrontic pain as well.

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