What do generic tylenol pills look like?

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8 Jun 2009

Try looking here for a selection
Go to search by drug name and type in
Acetaminophen oxycodone

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What is this pill - with 'L544' imprint?

It is a Generic Tylenol Arthritis Medicine, I bought at WalMart (Equate brand) I hand some in a pill box, I was trying Remember if they were Sudafed ...

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What is this pill - with '44-235' imprint?

blue or green-kinda looks like a generic tylenol it says 44235 on one side. tanks

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Found old pills, think are oxycodone and tylenol, any help appreciated?

Round white pills, have 34 over 345 on one side, blank on other. I used to have a generic Percocet around after back injury but want to be sure ...

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What is this pill - with 'SP 39' imprint?

I've got a white capsule (-maybe- an oval) with SP (divider line) 39 imprinted on one side. I think it might be one of 2 things, either Tylenol ...

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What is this pill - with 'GG 199' imprint?

This pill is round and flat. No imprint on other side. Found in a bottle with Tylenol 3. Is it the the generic brand?

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