What do generic subutex pills look like?

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What do subutex pills look like?

I have a pill that looks like subutex except the writing on the pill is either ... I8 or IB or 1B or 18 It looks just like subutex. Does Ibuprofen ...

2 answers 14 Nov 2009

What do subutex pills look like?

Is there a picture available for a generic subutex pill?

1 answer 9 Feb 2010

What is this pill - with 'single number 8 on one side and arrow logo' imprint?

small,white and round,ive been told its a subutex,but the only subutex ive ever had were oval shaped

1 answer 27 May 2010

What do Buprenorphine gels pills look like?

I was given a generic suboxone today-they called it subutex.i know its 8mg.-or maybe 8-2mg. It's a square-not hard,but made out of ...

0 answers 24 Jan 2012

What do Subutex pills look like?

i know what they look like but how long do they stay in your system if u do them everyday? or if u do them every now and then?

0 answers 1 Apr 2012