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What do 800 ibuprofen pills look like?

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27 Jul 2009

Some are listed here
However if you cannot find your tablet let us know the imprint, color and shape and we will confirm it for you.

25 Jan 2011

{ ibuprofen }

I hope this helps! It helped me! I had some generic ibuprofen tablets (I bought at Fred's with 44-292 wrote on them?) and could not find them on the pill identifier but I did find them here! I was pretty sure it was ibuprofen but wanted to be sure bc it is REALLY dangerous to take stuff if u dont know what it is? I hope you find what your looking for and hope my info helps ;)

AllisonHughey 25 Jan 2011

So SORRY... I just realized I gave you the same website info as the other person already sent you. Im new to this so please bare with me! ha ha ;)

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What do Ibuprofen pills look like?

I believe i have a generic Ibuprofen for 800 mg. It has WPI 2137 and I can't seem to find it on the Pill Identifier. Can anyone help?

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What is this pill - with 'AN 255' imprint?

There is a indented line carved in the pill in between the N and 2. It is supposed to be 800 mg of Ibuprofen but I want to be certain. It is white ...

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What kind of migrain meds are white & rectangle?

A friend of mine(thought was a friend) gave me a med & she said it was kinda like ibuprofen but a lot stronger. What could this med be?

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What is this pill - with 'P484' imprint?

It is white, round, with the P on top and 484 on the bottom. I believe it is ibuprofen 800. Or something equivalent. Can anyone help?

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Can a 800mg ibuprofen come without an imprint on it?

Its a large,white,rectangular- oval shape pill with a line through the middle on one side,and no other imprints on the pill..

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