What are the side effects from using bath salts?

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27 Aug 2011

Well tneafcy. They tend to heal the aches and pain from the body and its said also for the soul. :-0) I've not heard any negatives in regards to bath salts. There might be, but I've not. have a great day.

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27 Aug 2011

hi tneafcy and pledge,
Some teenagers are abusing bath salts by snorting the stuff!!! Not kidding either. So, if you are soaking in a tub with them, that should be just fine as pledge said, but if you are asking about someone actually inhaling them... that is a horse of a different colour!!!
Best wishes to you,

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Anonymous 27 Aug 2011

Hi there sweet lemon. Just when you think you've heard it all... :-0). unreal. good to see you sweet lemon. Everything a-ok I hope. Time to fix up some breakfast, for me and the pups. . coffee is hot this morning but smells delicious, ands tastes out of this world.

Anonymous 27 Aug 2011

Hi pledge, I'll take a cuppa!! Tis true about the bath salts, can you believe it?
What will kids think of next to get stoned on?? Unbelievable!!!
How's your weather pal? Is Irene baring down on you?
Take care pledge!!


27 Aug 2011

If this person is talking about the FAKE bath salts that are being abused, people are od'ing, going to the ER with rapid heart beat, hallucinations and mania. It is fake, sold as a bath salt, but mimics cocaine and/or ecstasy and is quite dangerous. Our lawmakers, when they aren't on vacation or fighting about the budget, are working to get these products pulled as people are od'ing and dying.

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Anonymous 27 Aug 2011

I know Bunnyboo, tis sad indeed, kids will doing anything to get high!
Lala, hope you are doing fine today patti!!!

Anonymous 27 Aug 2011

They are suppo to have taken it iff the self here, because of kids doing that. I would like to take a belt and just WHOOP the crap out of them or knock some sense into them. They can easily take their life and don't even know it. Von PS I like Pledge's versoin of it, thats what its suppose to do!!!

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