What are the side affects of methadone mixed with hydrocodone in my system?

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5 May 2011

It depends how much you've taken of each drug and how high your tolerance is. if you've never taken either drug before and you take them both and your system isnt used to opiates you will get sick or worse. are you thinking taking the lortab while on methadone for addiction that both drugs mixed together will cancel each other out or cause withdrawl... it wont. long story short the symptoms you could experience are dizziness, nausea, fatigue, labored breathing, throwing up, vertigo, a "fuzzy" feeling in your head, a burst of energy, talking fast. take into consideration taking any opiates depresses the respiratory system. The more you take the less you breathe, then death. i've been abusing opiates since i was in my tween yrs so please believe me when i say if your an addict and you're currently abusing opiates get help yesterday before its too late. hope this helps

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5 May 2011

I am currently on both and have no problems whatsoever i'm on 120mg methadone and 60mg of Norco (hydrocodone)

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20 Apr 2012

Do NOT and I stress, NEVER mix methadone and hydrocodone. It can kill you. I did it once and got so sick and threw up for 3 days. Never ever under any circumstances mix these two. You will be wasting both of them anyway. Wait until the methadone is out of your system, about 5 days before taking any other pain medication. Methadone can kill you, it's no joke. Stay safe my friends.

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