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What are the food should and should not be eat while taking prednisone?

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6 Aug 2010

Prednisone raises your blood sugar over time so you should be careful to avoid sweets, especially if you are diabetic. In general, you just want to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. The most important thing is to make sure you are getting plenty of Calcium and Vitamin D (especially if you are a white female). Prednisone interferes with the absorption of these nutrients and over time it can cause osteoporosis. I've also learned recently that it's not a bad idea to supplement your diet with folic acid. I've been taking Prednisone for about 6 months and have begun to taper off the medicine. Overall, I experienced fewer side effects than expected. Though I did experience stomach upset in the beginning and quickly learned to take it with food! Good Luck!

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jramonell 8 Aug 2010

I was thinking a bit more about your question. The answer may be different- depending on why you're taking the medicine. I have an autoimmune disease so Prednisone simply suppresses my immune system to a normal level. If you are taking high enough dose to suppress your immune system below the normal ranges, then there are indeed precautions that you should take. Most cancer websites have a recommended diet for immunosuppressed individuals. You may want to try the American Cancer Society or the like. In general, an immunosuppressed diet doesn't look much different from that of the recommended diet for a pregnant woman. Hope this helps!

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