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What anxiety medications work well with amytriptyline?

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4 Apr 2011

Try Valium or Xanax.

Thebyrdman 6 Apr 2011

I find that INDERAL(propanolol) works well with the physical aspects of axiety- twitching, muscle tension, shaking, etc. INDERAL is a blood pressure medication that a lot of professional speakers use before giving a speech. It is not habit forming like every benzodiazepine is.
I'm taking this medication and I must say that it works very well in controlling all the physical symptoms of my anxiety. I've taken just about every common benzo' xanax, valium, ativan, klonopin, serax, oxazepam, etc. INDERAL is very healthy and maybe you should consider it if your in recovery or have a potential habit forming personality.

5 Apr 2011

Wow, that's strange my Pain Management Doctors, have been trying to find a medication for me, and haven't been able too. Until just recently they give me Amytriptyline 25, didn't know if it worked, between all the pain meds and Naproxen, Zanalex, and all the other crap. But I was on Lyrica, Nuerontin,and all that other crap, None of it seemed to work, So they change it to 50 mg, and I didn't like the way it felt at all, but while taking the 25mg of it, I was also taking my pain meds, and Was on XanaX, or Klonopin, Not sure I can tell you which one worked best, but I would say the XanaX since it fast acting, unlike Klonopin, where it stays in your systems like the other Medicine. But just to let you know why I stopped it, was it made me feel a little funny, I don't know, maybe a little lightheaded and just hot in the face and the neck, (I know that sounds strange) But that's the best I can Describe it.


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