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Using warfarin will I have hair loss and will it come back?

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7 Jan 2013

Yes, warfarin can cause hair loss (alopecia) and if warfarin is the only cause of your hair loss then hair loss should stop when you stop taking warfarin (which in some circumstances may be extremely difficult).

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honda1 13 Jan 2013

Yes my hair started coming out. But has quit. Still on warfarin. I think the state of our health maybe causes it instead of the warfarin. I also started using vinegar rinses. Half vinegar and half water. After shampooing and rinseing hair, pour solution through hair and leave on. Will not smell after hair dries. You can find this on internet also; look up vinegar and hair.

MiMi585 21 Jan 2013

I have hair loss too after being on warfarin since 2008 with only a brief break in 2009. I can't say it was only because of the warfarin. I am happy to say that the hair loss has stopped and I have hair growing back in places previously lost. Some places that thinned don't seem to be coming back.

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