Vyvanse - How does smoking pot and drinking affect Vyvnase?

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20 Jan 2012

Hello. Combining alcohol and Vyvanse can be a dangerous interaction. Your blood pressure, as well as your hearty beat will increase rapidly. A combination of any of the three mentioned, is not adsvised. Best wishes,pledge

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20 Jan 2012

I agree with Pledge for sure. Not a good combo.

But one can assume it happens occasionally, and possibly regularly (in college communities especially). However that doesn't mean it hasn't been the cause of many serious problems, including death.

If your name implies you are doing research on this topic, feel free to post more specific questions. Don't be afraid to ask things like "how has this affected you" or any question that pertains to your research. The active members of this site are very likely to share different views and experiences as well as useful information on the topic. You just have to ask! (And the more specific you are, the better.)
Hope you find what you're looking for!


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