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Viibryd - anyone experincing a feeling like lil electric shocks in your head?

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18 Nov 2011

I'm currently on 20mg of Viibryd and this is the dose I plan on staying at. 20 works well enough for me. But I can relate to your experience. This is the first antidepressant that I've taken that I continually experience these brain shocks throughout treatment. I experience these shocks for 2-5 hours after taking it. Then they cease. According to the full prescribing information, I found that Viibryd on average reaches full blood plasma levels in 4 hours. I assume I experience these brain shocks in response to Viibryd's entrance into the bloodstream. So far, I have also determined that they are intensified by stimulants such as nicotine and caffeine. Whenever I smoke or drink coffee shortly after taking Viibryd these brain shocks are worse. It's fortunate because it makes smoking less pleasant as the brain shocks are so intense they are almost uncomfortable or painful.


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27 Oct 2011

Hello juniebug. What you are feeling are brain zaps. Brain zaps are usually felt when you are stopping a particular drug, like celexa, zoloft, lexapro. Most often, they diminsh, lessen when a good taper plan is in place. I read up on user reviews, from our site, and thier was mention of shocks, the feeling of, going throught out the body. Not knowing your dose, how long you've been taking viibryd, in this caseyour body might be adjusting to the drug. Viibryd is a very new drug, just on the market, so theres no lengthy case history file, that we can go back on. I'd wait a bit, if it really becomes a problem, tell your doctor. best wishes to you.

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